Automizer Transformer

The Automizer Transformer Side Loader

If you have the occasional need for manual collection, or are planning to transition to fully automated collection, but need an immediate solution, the Automizer Transformer has got you covered. With it’s big 0.5 yd³ loading bucket, you can collect loose bags, bulky or overlooked items, without having to buy a separate truck. And when you’re ready for fully automated collection, you can easily change the bucket to the helping hand grabber, supplied with the truck.

The Automizer Transformer is truly an all in one solution for all your pickup needs.

Labrie's Automizer Transformer Side Loader



    Labrie Automizer Transformer 

    Automizer Transformer


    Automizer™ Transformer 



    20yd³ (20+0) 22yd³ (20+2) 24yd³ (20+4) 27yd³ (27+0) 29yd³ (27+2) 31yd³ (27+4) 33yd³ (27+6) 31yd³ (31+0) 33yd³ (31+2) 35yd³ (31+4) 37yd³ (31+6)
    Overall Width (in.) 96 96 96 96 96 96 96 96 96 96 96
    Overall Length, Tailgate Closed (in.) 232 239 254 272 279 294 309 303 310 325 340
    Overall Height Above Frame, Tailgate Closed (in.) 103 103 103 103 103 103 103 103 103 103 103
    Overall Height Above Frame, Tailgate Opened (in.) 192 192 192 192 192 192 192 192 192 192 192
    Overall Height Above Frame, Dumping Position (in.) 209 209 209 236 236 236 236 249 249 249 249


     Body Floor 0.157 in. AR450 175,000psi
     Body Sides (lower) 10ga A1011 80,000psi
     Body Roof 12ga A1011 80,000psi
     Tailgate 12ga A1011 80,000psi


     Hopper Size (cu.yd.) 6,5
     Hopper Floor 1/4 in. AR450 175,000psi
     Hopper Sides (lower) 1/4 in. AR450 175,000psi


     Bucket Size (cu.yd.) 0,5
     Arm Lift Capacity 400 lbs
     Arm Reach 120 in
     Arm Cycle Time 8 sec @ 0 in. reach; 18 sec @ 84 in. reach


     Packer Panel Cycle Time 12 sec @ 1200 rpm
     Packer Panel Face Plate 1/4 in. 100QT 100,000psi
     Packer Width 70 in.
     Packer Height 16 in.
     Packer Stroke 52 in.


     Pump Make & Model Dual Vane
     Pump Capacity BODY: 20 gpm@700 rpm; ARM: 16 gpm@700 rpm
     Max. Operating Pressure 3,000 psi
     Oil Reservoir (cab over) 85 gal


     Body Lifting Cylinder (20 yd³ bodies) 4 stages 6 in. bore x 150 in. stroke
     Body Lifting Cylinder (27 yd³ bodies) 4 stages 6 in. bore x 180 in. stroke
     Body Lifting Cylinder (31 yd³ bodies) 4 stages 6 in. bore x 204 in. stroke
     Packer Cylinders 4 in. bore x 2-1/2 in. rod x 40 in. stroke
     Tailgate Cylinders 2-1/2 in. bore x 1-3/4 in. rod x 39 in. stroke
     Arm Extension Cylinder 2 in. bore x 1-1/4 in. rod x 70 in. stroke
     Lifting Cylinder 3 in. bore x 1-1/2 in. rod x 16 in. stroke
     Grabber Cylinder 1-1/2 in. bore x 1 in. rod x 6-1/4 in. stroke


    Note: Specifications subject to changes without notice






    CNG Ready since 2001

    With the high volatility of diesel prices, fuel choice has never been more important. At Labrie, we believe in greener, safer, smarter and more efficient waste collection vehicles. This is what we have been designing and building for the past 25 years. We deliver the highest-quality, factory–installed compressed natural gas (CNG) solutions that are fully tested at our on-site CNG station. Our manufacturing expertise in CNG is passed along to you with every vehicle. You benefit from a trusted source of expertise when it comes to converting to CNG.




    • AFFORDABLE : Substantially reduced fuel costs when compared to diesel
    • CLEAN: 23% less Greenhouse Gas Emissions compared to diesel fuel
    • FOREIGN FUEL INDEPENDENCE: 98% of fuel supplied from the U.S. and Canada
    • QUIET: 10 decibels more quiet than a diesel truck


    • Behind the cab design built to hold 4 or 5 CNG tanks, 66 or 81 DGE
    • Low height, integrated body shape, roof mounted design. 4 or 5 tanks, 60 to 75 DGE
    • Premium design having low impact on legal payload


    CNG Ready Trucks







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    Automizer™ Transformer


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